Could You Get Cash Back If You Pass Test First Time?

driving-test-cashbackThe Government are considering a scheme which will allow drivers to receive a cashback reward if they pass their driving tests in one go. The scheme was introduced after it was found that many drivers take their test too early, which is wasting the £62 it costs to take a test on a weekday or £75 for the weekend.

One in five learners fail their first driving test to get a licence from the DVLA. Most drivers will usually only pass on their second or third attempts. The Government hopes that, by offering a cash incentive, which will come in the form of receiving part of your test cost back, learners will be encouraged to wait until they have taken more lessons before having a go at the test.

Learners tend to book their tests shortly after they begin learning to ensure they get a slot which is suitable for them. However, most learners will need an average of 45 hours worth of practice before they are ready. The Government hopes that by offering an incentive to wait people will no longer rush to book their test. This should free up more spaces for learners to book their exams after they have had some time to practice. It could also save people money – especially considering it will usually cost nearly £1000 to take 45 hours worth of lessons.

The Transport Minister Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon said: “This is a bold and ambitious approach aimed at putting the user at the heart of everything the motoring agencies do.”

Around 1.4 million driving tests are taken every single year. More people, figures revealed last year, are able to pass their test if they have been learning in suburban areas with quiet roads. Meanwhile, it is harder for people living in city centres. The highest pass rates in the country were in Kendal, Barrow In Furness and on the Isle Of Skye. Meanwhile, Birmingham, Bradford and London had the worst figures.

Learner drivers can contact the DVLA for information about driving exams.